Five minute update

New Portal launched - 24 February 2017
Visit our new Compliance Portal here.

Q416 Portal update complete - 6 February 2017
We have updated the Energy Supplier Compliance Portal with changes that took effect in October, November and December. See here for our overview of the main changes and where to find updated content.

Q316 Portal update complete - 1 November 2016
We have updated the Energy Supplier Compliance Portal that took effect during July, August and September. See here for our overview of the main changes and where to find updated content.

Ofgem intends to introduce new licence condition
On 19 October the regulator published a statutory consultation proposing a new SLC 32A that will allow Ofgem to direct domestic suppliers to participate in trials of new consumer engagement measures. See more in our alert.

CMA publishes Draft Order on the Prepayment Price Cap
On 11 October the CMA published the draft version of The Energy Market Investigation (Prepayment Charge Restriction) Order 2016 which would require suppliers to abide by caps on how much PPM customers may be charged. Read more in our alert.

Ofem publishes its decision to remove certain RMR rules
On 29 September the regulator issued its decision to remove certain Retail Market Review (RMR) Simpler Tariff Choices Rules. Read more in our alert.

Ofgem issues its final proposals for PPM customers
On 14 September the regulator issued its final proposals outlining its plans to cap prepayment meter (PPM) warrant charges for indebted customers. Read more in our alert.

2016 mid-year compliance review webinar
Our 2016 mid-year review webinar provides an update of the changes to customer facing supplier obligations for the year-to-date. It also looks at what is on the horizon for 2016. Access the webinar recording here.

Retail Market Review Handbook
The RMR handbook allows you to access all of the licence changes in detail that were brought in as a result of RMR. Download the handbook here.

This site is a one-stop-shop for all the information a supplier requires to ensure their day-to-day activities are compliant with the supply licence and relevant secondary legislation. Information is set out in easy to understand language and format, helping you to decipher the complex and confusing regulatory landscape.

By focusing on business processes, such as sales and marketing, billing, pricing and disconnections, the information is easily navigated and targeted for specific use. Where possible, reference is made to available Ofgem and government guidance on how to comply with certain supply licence and legislative obligations.

Content reflects the current regulatory landscape, which includes both the current prescriptive rules and the move to Principles Based Regulation (PBR), but information is also provided on upcoming Ofgem and government workstreams that are likely to result in further or amended obligations.

Our Alerts section provides quick response notifications of confirmed regulatory changes that will revise the requirements on suppliers. The site will be updated in each quarter to reflect changes that have been implemented and impose obligations on suppliers.

If you would like information on Cornwall Energy's Energy Supplier Compliance Service, which includes access to the Energy Supplier Compliance Portal and a one-day course on understanding supplier compliance, contact us here.


Compliance Assessments

Cornwall Energy offers comprehensive energy supplier compliance assessments to examine supplier retail activities against customer-facing GB licence and regulatory requirements.

Assessments are tailored to customer specifications, but can include complete examinations of all customer documents and website materials, and all customer facing interactions and processes.

Each assessment examines practices against the requirements of the supply licence and government legislation, as well as industry best practice. Where any potential non-compliances are identified,  recommendations. Examples of compliant actions are also provided where relevant and available. Each report includes a traffic light rating system to help prioritise changes that may need to be made.

For more information on the Assessments please contact Adam Boorman at or 01603 604417.

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